Sunday, August 16, 2009

A visit to Kumble Fort.

A view from the tower. Tower of Hanuman mandir can be seen here, with glimpse if Arebian sea in Horizon.
A view from highway.

Pitch green grass complements the surroundings. Only in monsoons :(

Many might have not observed the Kumbla watch tower near Arikkady on NH 17. Many more may not even know that there is a fort in Kumbla too!

The Hanuman temple is prominent, as travelers often seek blessings before continuing journey in highway. This temple shrine alongwith Mallikarjuna temple made integral part of the fort.

This was built by the sane Keladi Nayakas who built Bekal and Chandragiri forts in 17th century. The cave once extended till the seashore, longs hardy 10 meters in the temple premises.

A usual visit to Hanuman temple boosted a thought of visiting the fort after long. The place looked picturesque with wild green grass grown due to recent rains. However the shrub grown on the tower didn't suite it well. The jungle grown on the left side of the tower almost buried it.

The place was neat, without much manual detriment. A little mainteinance would have been made the spot more attractive. The view from the tower simply scenic! with beach, river, temple and greenery surrounding the fort. The fort walls still stand in some places. The old well is uncovered and enclosed with shrub.

A second tower is located near the railway track, literally buried in thick bushes.

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